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Dog friend place.

Dog friend place.


In business since 1994. Le Quipe Hair Salon is here to serve you. Providing a unique experience as soon as you walk in.

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Jose has been a hair stylist with years of experience. He began his business with a location in Melrose. After Melrose he moved to Le Quipe in the Silver Lake area where it provides a more relaxed and intimate environment. His clients follow him wherever he goes. He's salon bring beautiful decor that only Jose can bring aside from his attentiveness and warmth to his clients, as he likes to call, guest. 

Jose has been features in Telemundo and other magazines and also has a Los Angeles Business Owner award for his dedication and excellence at Le Quipe. 

Clients coming and relax and know that they will be taken care off and Jose makes it so. He has lots of ambition and brivarant character will show it till you leave satisfied. 

For any questions, please contact Jose and make an appointment at Le Quipe Salon and leave as a new you.